Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of eyeglasses frames do you carry?
We have a wide selection of designer frames to suit your style, budget and vision needs. Some renound brands we carry are:
Oakley, Prada, silhouette, Easy Clip, RayBan, Michael Kors, Polo, Armani, Coach, D & G, Ralph Lauren, Versace, DKNY, Guess, Vogue, Serengeti, Columbia, Roots, Alfred Sung, Vera Vang, A De Pinto, BCBG Max Azria, Bliss, Christian Lacroix, Genesis, Hacket England, Kaos, Soho, Soho Tech and many more to look at.
How long will it take to get my new glasses?
Most of the single vision prescriptions with clear coatings can be filled in one hour to next working day. While customised Free Form High Definition progressive, bi-focal, polarized, transitions and some other specialised prescriptions generally can take on average roughly 2 weeks.
Can I use my own frame to fill my new prescription?
Yes, and we do not need your frame untill your lenses are ready. We will call you to drop off your own frame to put your new lenses into it while you waiting or pick up later on at your comfort.
We believe in win-win. We bargain frame and lens suppliers to offer best price to our customers. Our in-house edging laboratory saves shipping and edging cost as wel. We try to minimise overheads too.
Why we claim that we are best in customer service?
We concentrate in actual visual needs of clients. We listen to customer and then make professional recommendations. Our honesty can not be questioned at any stage of dealing with us.
What is warranty plan of our products?
We deliver all products according to FDA set standards about optical industry. We warranty our frames and lenses for one year about any kind of manufacturing defects. We also consider accidental ruins at individual level and try our best to solve them.
Are all lenses of the same quality?
No. Lenses differs in quality of vision even lens material remain the same. Lens quality is determined based on how the lens is surfaced (grind).
What are hi-definition lenses?
Those are manufactured based on individual needs. Computer software is used to guide a diamond tool in grinding a lens. Please keep in mind that all hi-definition lenses are not the same like all digital camera or TV. The quality of picture delivered is different based on number of pixels.
What are hi-index lenses?
Those lenses are more compact and may differ in chemical composition of material. Those are recommended when the prescription is high in number. Usually, those lenses are better in quality to eliminate distortion. Within the same index lens differs in quality. High Index 1.56, 1.61, 1.67 and 1.73 are common.
What are polycarbonate lenses?
Those lenses are kind of high index lenses but used mostly for safety reasons. We use those lenses to fill safety and kids prescriptions. Those are commonly used into rimless or semi-rimless frame to avoid edge chippings.
What are single vision glasses?
Those glasses are made for one focus only. That may be distance only, reading only and computer only etc.
What are bi-focal glasses?
Those glasses are made with a lens that has two focuses. There is one visible line that differentiates both lens focus. We could have any combination of distance, computer or reading into those lenses.
What are tri-focal glasses?
We make three focuses into one lens. Distance, Intermediate (Computer) and read.
What are progressive glasses?

Those are very scientific lenses. Those are designed to deliver vision at all the distance while the lens is one piece. We grind distance power in lens part that is right in front of pupil and keeps on changing power till the reading power reached at bottom of frame.

All progressive lenses have visual corridor. Better the lens quality wider the peripheral vision will be. Low quality of progressive lens has lots of distortion into it and limit the peripherical vision resulting harder to adjust with new lenses.

What is Astigmatism?
It is a result of irregularity in shape of cornea causing images to distort or blurry.
What is Myopia?
Near sightedness. Close objects are in focus but distance are blurry or out of focus.
What is Presbiopia?
Effect is same as hypropia but it is aging factor and commonly occurred near the age of forty. Our natural crystalline lens into eye has started losing its tendency to adjust focus for changing distances (accommodation). Presbiopia increases with age.
What is a Cataract?
Our crystalline lens into eye becomes cloudy gradually with ageing and become opaque at one stage resulting in almost total reflection. Since the light cannot pass through the lens so there is no image onto retina. At this stage this lens must be removed through surgery and replace by an artificial lens called intra ocular lens (IOL).
Why someone did not need glasses after cataract surgery?
During IOL implant the vision is tried to be corrected 100%. There may be some correction left over and needed to be corrected by glasses or contact lenses.
Is there bifocal IOL available?
Yes. Those are available but not in common so far. Usually, IOL are implant for distance correction only.
What is Glauma?
Increased ocular pressure within eye which may result in loss or impaired vision.
What is a Retina?
It is light sensitive membrane of the eye which receives the image formed by the optical system of the eye. it is connected to the brain by the optic nerve.
What is a Cornea?
The eyeball's outer crystalline covering. It is transparent part of eyeball which cover the iris and pupil and through which all light passes.